Let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
i am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been.

SHIFA - The Healing

Shifa – The Healing

 This collection consists of a sustainable range of clothes which are not just environment-friendly but also intend to heal the wearer. The collection was concieved after undertaking a comprehensive study of herbal plants to promote organic practices and a sense of wellness. These fabrics are handspun, handwoven and hand pleated and draw inspiration from the Khatambandh craft of Kashmir, which is an art of constructing a ceiling by fitting small pieces of wood together in a geometrical pattern created without using glue or nails. The fabric is then finished and encapsulated with essential oils of herbs such as lavender, eucalyptus, citronella and neem which help in healing various skin problems like inflammation, itchiness and headaches.

Parvaaz - Birds of Paradise

 Parvaaz signifies unhindered flight, a metaphor for achieving one’s ambitions.With this collection, we celebrate the myriad forms of birds found in Kashmir, like Bulbul, Mynah, Pigeons, hoopoe, and the intricate echoing forms within the avian motion.

Freedom of flying has always inspired as well as fascinated me. Flight and feathered wings denote freedom. Birds cannot be caged.They can traverse difficult geographies.The same holds true for humans, who hold the immense power to overcome the life’s challenges. Humans also cherish their freedom, and can strive and toil to achieve it.This collection is a tribute to human freedom.The sense of freedom evoked by birds in flight has been a source of inspiration alike to Kashmir and several major civilizations of the world since time immemorial.

Tarakh Maal-The Starry Night

Tarakh Maal  means star constellation patterns.The wondrous night sky has inspired generations of humans to imagine what lies beyond. In particular, the patterns have inspired the Islamic geometric art or Alhambra. Architecture has the power to inspire: the way it plays with light can shift moods; the way it uses lines and dimensions, can direct movement, and sometimes, its aesthetics can provoke creation of new forms.

“Tarakh Maal” is inspired by Kashmir’s Khatambandh craft, an art of making ceiling by joining small pieces of wood into each other, forming geometrical patterns.This collection assimilates that thought by assembling the fragments together into textiles and closely observingthe literal, symbolic, and poetic aspects of the craft. we have used techniques that thoughtfully translate them – like hand pleating.

Qurbat-Nearness, Closeness

Qurbat is inspired by the art of Pinjarakari, a craft of making screens of interwoven laths forming intricate geometric patterns.Traditionally used in elements of architecture like windows, balconies, partitions and ventilators.

The lattice patterns are based on Islamic geometry, where the circle brings in the three basic or fundamental shapes or figures of Islamic geometry; the triangle, the square and the hexagon.

This collection weaves the craft of assembling the fragments together into textiles by closely observing the literal, symbolic and poetic aspects of this craft and using techniques that thoughtfully translate them – like patch work, embroidery, layering and gradation.The motifs too are inspired from the craft; the pohar, rista, muraba, sash etc.

Dastawaiz-Documental Evidences

Nothing is ever lost in time for those who live in nostalgia.The collection is a tribute to the nostalgia of memories of literature, art and culture of Kashmir. Scripting the past with calligraphic block printed textures as though time has thrown its tides over and over again on the collection and the remains appear like that of a bygone era, leading to the name Dastawaiz – Documental Evidence.

Hakeemo-The Healer

‘Hakeemo – The Healer’’A zero-waste sustainable range by Raffughar x Paiwand.

At Raffughar, we believe in reusing and recycling to the fullest. Hakeemo is an initiative to repurpose textile waste and use upcycled fabric. Paiwand collaborates with design houses and provides recycling solutions.

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